Thankful for Loving a Young Child

There are many people out there who for what ever reason cannot have a child, and then there are those who are blessed with the love a child, even it the child is not their own. No matter the circumstances if you blessed with a life of a young child in yours, Thanksgiving is not the only day to be thankful for that child being in your life.
Often it is easy to become lost in all the things we need to do for a young child, from clothing, diapering, feeding, calming and tending to a sick child. That we forget a young child is a gift and we need to cherish this special gift everyday. No one ever said being a parent was going to be easy, all I ever heard was, “it’s the one job you can never quit!” and this is the truth.
Take the time to just sit back and watch your young child as they make new discoveries, as you help them to develop traditions and more importantly, as they grow up into a responsible young adult. So with Thanksgiving now passed, as we rev up for December and all the festivities of the holidays which are upon us, remember to still be thankful for the special young life you have been entrusted with, which is true gift from above.
Short but honest with this post, praying everyone will find their PEACE…


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