Children are Great Imitators


These words speak to me and it should for you as well. Children are like small sponges, and they are watching everything we do and say. The holidays is a very busy time of the year and often we forget our children are watching us. We need to stop and look at the world through their eyes. Just why the grownups in my life so busy they forget to say I love you. What are they doing and how can I be like them.
Stop and think for a moment, when you were little what do you remember most about the holidays, the smell of a special food, or the decorations around the house or sitting and writing Christmas cards. Now fast forward to today, do you like to make that same food at the holiday, or just have to have that one decoration out every year, and you never forget to send a card to the family member who made you feel special. Yes you are imitating what you learned as a young child and now your child is doing the same.
So with the holidays season upon us, think about just want you want your young child to imitate of your actions, words or gestures when they grow up. Be someone your child will tell the world later in life that they learned to celebrate a special way because of you. You will feel very proud when you realize your child wants to be just like you. However, you need to remember they are learning it now, so stop and make it something great.


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