Phoning It In

The phrase “Phoning it in” is a very powerful statement on many levels but when it comes to parenting it becomes scary. Lately I have gone back to basics with my weight loss and began to redo my Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. 6 years ago when I first did it I was all about following her workout; this time I actually hear what she is saying and her favorite line is “don’t phone it in”. What does this mean, don’t be fake, actually do the workout for the best results.
Well the same is true with parenting, don’t be a fake parent, be in the moment and love these early years that go by so fast (now I’m sounding like the song, “Your Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins.) If you are so lost in your own life you will miss out on all the beauty of your child growing up. Many parents are unaware their child as young as 7 months begin to fully understand what you are saying and react to the tone and facial expressions on your face. So by “phoning it in” your not present. phoning in
It is important to remember what you say and do with your child will last a lift time. When your child has something important to show you STOP what you are doing and be real about their news. Show emotions, praise them, tell them your proud of them and celebrate their achievements, not matter how big or small they are!
Often I encourage parents to find time everyday to just sit and play, first you are teaching your child how to explore the world, second you are showing your child you are vested in their life. Going to the park is not about parents hanging out for grownup time (ie: phoning in) but rather about playing in the park with your child. These become the memories they keep forever. Think about it, your child will never forget and if you do phone it it you will one day regret not being there and you can never get that time back.
So make a commitment to yourself to be there, be real and be in the moment with your child no matter how silly you may think you are being, these are the times your gonna want back. So please don’t phone it in, but be in the moment and love every minute of it!
Hey I am not phoning in my workouts and seeing the results, think about the results of being real with your young child….
phoning in 2



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