Group Care vs. Nanny

There are many concerns when the time comes to decided which is best group care or having a nanny. There is no right or wrong to this question. Families need to look at the whole picture before making this hard choice. Is the day care certified with highly trained staff? Is the center licensed and in compliance with all state regulations? Are the hours workable with your needs? Can you afford to pay the center and still live within your budget? Is a large center or a certified home center (most state refer to home centers as a “Registered Day Care Provider”) more appealing to you? Is the center clean and does it have an open door policy where you can come in anytime to visit your child? I can go on and on with questions, my point is you should never go with the first center without asking hard questions and then visit a few more to compare.
These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you start to talk about a nanny. However, there are many more. If we use a nanny will my child still gaining the all important, social/emotional support s/he needs? Will my child learn how to play and explore their world around them?
Often a nanny is great when you have several children, it is more cost effective to pay one person for the month, but do you want that person living with you, and where to go to find a qualified nanny is just as hard as finding the right child care center.
As you can see there is no right or wrong answer, just what works best for you and your family. I strongly encourage you to think fully about which will meet your needs as a family. Which ever choice you make will my young child’s needs be met? Will there be someone there for them to help them learn to explore their world, hold them when then need to be held but also encourage them to role over, get up on all 4’s to crawl and support them them they start to walk?
If you have questions on what to look for when checking out child care centers near you or what to look for in a nanny, feel free to comment and I will help you.
Till my next post remember to enjoy these early years, they go by so fast and we can never get them back. PEACE…

Young children in group care.

Young children in group care.

A family with a nanny.

A family with a nanny.


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